“Welcome to Sri Satya Sai College of Education, Village Asmanpur , Pehowa”

We welcome you to an educational Institution where the dreams of great academician, former President of India, greatest Teachers ever Dr. Servpalli Radha Krishnan, with the blessings of Sidhi Vinayka Ji are presumed to be being cherished.
Dr. Servpalli Radha Krishnan accepts education as the most effective tool to gear up a society and mobilise its resources-human and material. A well designed and meticulously planned educational process can uplift the down troddens and rural-backwards resulting into the betterment of Indian Society. His doctroine of 'Quality Education for All' consists quantity coupled with quality. His philosphy that a well educated youth is better than 50 ill-educated or illiterates, appeals the most. The Indian Education Commission 1964-66 rightly endorses it with "Only quality teachers can impart quality and value-based education".
NPE 1986 further strengthens this view by saying that "No poeple can rise above the level of its teachers". Hence, all social political and economical ills can be brushed out by quality education and quality teachers.
With this basic idea and a vision of qualitative and better Indian society 'Sidhi Vinayaka People Trust, Narwana' ushers in the field of teachers education where 'Need based effective pre-service teachers training is visioned to be imparted with rich human and material resources.
So, Welcome the budding graduates who are ready to share our dreams and its further implementations with amalgamating them to the doctrines of Dr. Servpalli Radha Krishnan! Here you can share new pedagogical techniques experiencing them face to face in practice!
Come and learn the strategies, techniques and teaching methods which can be proved effective solutions of all the problems like dropouts, stagnations, non-enrolments, disparities, hatred and a gap between the teachers and taughts!
Come and share the experience of great and seasoned teacher educators who have the capacity of changing any personality.
Come and enjoy the blessing and zeal of budding teachers!
Working on the doctrine of Dr. Servpalli Radha Krishnan, the trust determines to produce quality teachers, age designers and society pace-setters by establishing a teacher training college with the nomenclature. Sri Satya Sai College of Education in a highly educative, natural, lush green rural surroundings of Village Asmanpur Near Pehowa Distt. Kurukshetra on NH-65, Ambala Hissar Road. Its easy accessibility can be ensured by locating it at 4 KMs South from Pehowa Bus Stand..